Lifestyle Connect

One Day Only in Bucharest, Romania
Saturday, Sep 28th, 2013

Meet, connect with, and learn from people who are already enjoying abundant, fulfilling, independent lifestyles they love

Your Life as a Journey

We all know that life is a journey. How do you feel about your journey so far?

Are you enjoying your life? Do you wake up each day feeling excited? Do you go to bed each night feeling grateful and appreciative?

Or are you stuck with a dull lifestyle that leaves you feeling tired, bored, drained, apathetic, stressed, worried, or frustrated more often than you’d like?

Do you catch yourself succumbing to procrastination and escapism… simply because your daily life doesn’t inspire you?

Do you ever feel you’re just spinning your wheels and that life is passing you by… one sluggish day at a time?

Do you look back on the past several months feeling disappointed with how you spent your time? Do you wonder where all the time went?

Do you ever notice that quiet but inescapable feeling of pressure — the feeling that you’re on the wrong path and that you need to stop doing what you’re doing and make some changes?

Do you feel there’s anything missing from your life? Do you have a backlog of items on your someday/maybe list?

Sadly, all of the above is considered normal these days. Most likely you were taught to live this way from a young age.

Society tells you to get a job you probably won’t like, buy stuff you don’t need, go into debt, put your bills first, and then escape into passive entertainment and legal drugs.

Society tells you to get married, settle down, have children, and grow old.

Society tells you to obey your parents, to live up to other people’s expectations, and to do what you’re told.

But where in this approach is the space to actually have a life — a life that deeply satisfies, fulfills, and delights you? Where’s the excitement… the passion… the fire in your belly?

You’ve already been questioning whether you should keep living the way society has taught you to live, haven’t you? You know you’re eventually going to have to make some changes. And you know those changes won’t necessarily be easy.

Society may provide you with a way to survive, but it doesn’t teach you how to really live. Continuing down that path is a dead end. You know this by now.

What’s the alternative then? How else could you be living? If you could change your life, what would you change about it?

Would you like to…

  • become a digital nomad and travel around the world?
  • start your own business and become a successful entrepreneur?
  • enjoy a social life filled with friends you respect and admire?
  • attract and deeply connect with new romantic partners?
  • go to more live concerts, shows, and symphonies?
  • write your own book and become a published author?
  • learn tango dancing?
  • take acting lessons?
  • create your first music album?
  • overcome your fear of public speaking?
  • spend a few months surfing in Hawaii?
  • attend more personal growth events?

Do you ever feel envious, resentful, or annoyed when you see other people sharing their delightful adventures on social media, while you’re stuck with the same old drab, boring, uninspired routines each day?

What if you could enjoy a lifestyle that involved spending each day doing what you loved, creatively expressing your skills and talents, making a meaningful contribution, and earning more than enough money to keep your lifestyle sustainable?

Sure, it sounds like a wonderful dream. Who wouldn’t want that? But is it realistic — for you?

A Fulfilling Lifestyle Is Easier

This may surprise you, but living a happy, fulfilling, and abundant lifestyle is actually EASIER than what you’re doing now.

It’s easy to feel motivated when you get to do fun things each day.

It’s easy to feel relaxed and unstressed when all your expenses are easily covered by your existing income streams.

It’s easy to spend months pursuing cool hobbies when you aren’t burdened by a job.

The hard part isn’t being there. It’s getting there. The hard part is transitioning. You know this.

Transitions can be tricky. There may be a lot of small steps, and the steps aren’t always clear. But the action steps aren’t the real issue. If you commit to moving forward, you’ll figure out the steps as you go along. There may be a lot of steps, but they’re doable.

The difficult part is overcoming the resistance that keeps you from committing yourself. The difficult part is getting into motion and maintaining momentum.


Maybe you’ve thought about making some big changes in your life.

Maybe you’ve tried to make a change and failed… perhaps more than once.

Maybe you’ve been putting off another attempt at change.

Do you ever tell yourself that you’re not ready to make changes now because…

  • you don’t have enough time?
  • you don’t have enough money?
  • you can’t afford the risk?
  • you don’t have enough courage?
  • other people would criticize you?
  • you just don’t feel ready yet?

The truth is that people who’ve created rich and fulfilling lifestyles for themselves all had to deal with similar problems. They all had the same excuses available to them. They all had to find a way to transition.

Somehow… some way… they got past those excuses. They leaned into a new path. They consciously changed the direction of their lives. They took a leap.

And the result was… beautiful.

Now what if you could spend a whole day with several of these people all in one place? People who started where you are now. People who know what it’s like to feel stuck. People who successfully transitioned. People who are loving life on the other side.

You could learn from them. Listen to their stories of how they made the shift from an uninspired life to an inspired one. Learn from their mistakes. Receive encouragement and support.

And beyond that… what if you could also connect with dozens of other people who are undertaking similar journeys? People who are just starting out. People who are already in transition. People who’ve already transitioned and are refining their approach.

Here’s the good news — this type of experience is now a reality. And you’re invited.

Lifestyle Connect – Sharing Our Journeys

Lifestyle Connect is a one-day event in Bucharest, Romania, featuring multiple speakers who will share details about their journeys into a happy, abundant, and fulfilling lifestyle. The purpose is to motivate, inspire, encourage, and challenge you to transition into a lifestyle that deeply fulfills you.

How did these people figure out what they wanted? How did they deal with social resistance from friends, family, and coworkers? What obstacles did they encounter along the way? How did they successfully transition?

And most of all, what is life REALLY like on the other side?

As the speakers will share, this can be a challenging journey, but it’s definitely worth it.

Here are the core ideas we’ll cover at Lifestyle Connect…

Meeting Your Needs

  • making your independent lifestyle financially sustainable
  • developing new income sources
  • creating multiple streams of income
  • enjoying financial abundance

Building Your Skills

  • identifying the skills you need to make your desired lifestyle a reality (such as writing, speaking, travel savvy, social skills, tech skills, etc)
  • developing and upgrading your skills
  • creatively leveraging your pre-existing skills
  • keeping yourself mentally challenged
  • avoiding boredom and complacency
  • becoming a master of your craft

Enjoying Passion and Connection

  • getting in touch with your deepest, most honest desires
  • creating a lifestyle that you absolutely love
  • centering your life around your passions
  • transforming your social circle from skeptical to supportive
  • filling your life with people who inspire, uplift, and encourage you

Living With Purpose

  • finding your why
  • discovering the motivation and inspiration you need to transition
  • understanding the positive ripples created by a fulfilling lifestyle
  • making a contribution and leaving a legacy

A Very Social Event

Lifestyle Connect isn’t a day of boring lecture and Power Point slides. First and foremost, Lifestyle Connect is about sharing stories — stories of discovery, passion, and inspiration.

Learn from the experiences of others who’ve already navigated the transition that awaits you. Meet them face to face. Talk to them. Realize that if they did it, so can you.

Lifestyle Connect is also about connecting with people. It’s a day of fun, humor, social games, and exercises designed to help motivate and inspire you.

At this one-of-a-kind event, you’ll be invited to:


  • with your own lifestyle journey
  • with other speakers who are already enjoying lifestyles they love
  • with other attendees who desire to upgrade their lifestyles


  • how to create a happy and fulfilling lifestyle for yourself
  • how to sustain your lifestyle financially
  • how to develop the skills necessary to make your new lifestyle a reality
  • how to stay motivated as you transition


  • new friends
  • social support for your journey
  • games and exercises to help you learn experientially
  • a day with happy, positive, inspired people coming together to help you grow
  • a special day of growth and empowerment that you’ll remember for years to come


Here are the speakers that will be sharing their stories, lessons, and passions at Lifestyle Connect:

Steve Pavlina is one of the most widely read personal development bloggers in the world. His website,, attracts 2.5 million readers per month. Steve is also the author or co-author of more than 50 books, including Personal Development for Smart People (Romanian Edition: Dezvoltare Personală Pentru Oameni Isteţi). A former computer game developer, Steve hasn’t had a regular job since 1992. Today Steve centers his lifestyle around personal growth explorations, relationships, traveling, writing, and speaking.

Note – Steve will deliver about half of the material

Zan Perrion is an internationally acclaimed writer and professional speaker with a wonderful ability to inform and inspire audiences toward excellence in all aspects of life. Over the years, his name has become synonymous with a more natural and enlightened form of interaction between men and women… the Ars Amorata, or the art of love.

Dragos Roua defines himself as a digital nomad, father, runner, tanguero and online entrepreneur. He created an online publishing company from scratch, that he managed to sell for a good profit 10 years after. Nowadays he spend his days by writing on his blog or his books, by coding web or mobile apps, coaching, running and dancing tango. He strongly believes that happiness is a process, not a goal.

Aurelian Popa (1977) began to meditate and practice yoga at age 16 in his hometown. As the co-founder of Romanian Association for Daoist Studies, his travels in Asia began in 2004. After his formal acceptance as a disciple (in a genuine Qi Gong school) in 2007, he committed to travel each 90 days to China where he meets and learns from his Chinese Masters.
Beginning with 2009 this hobby became accessible to others through his quarterly intensive internships organised for his family, friends, curious people and online newsletter subscribers. He quit his first and last regular job in 2003 becoming an online entrepreneur. Some of his lifestyle activities are traveling, neidan or qigong retreats, running, swimming, public speaking engagements, meditation, callisthenics and breathing coach, writing books, creating great info-products and info-services, running tech conferences roadshows.

Florin Tabirca is a public speaking Coach who passionately inspires others to communicate clearly and efficiently by overcoming the fear.
A former engineer, he struggled for 7 years to make a living and find his passion in different domains, until he discovered how simple is to talk in public using your inner voice.
Now, Florin is the VP of Education at Toastmasters Bucuresti, a public speaking group affiliated with the biggest organization on communication and leadership in the world, Toastmasters International.
His current lifestyle includes healthy living (eating raw, running, meditating), personal development and traveling in nature.

Octavian Baban has been working in personal development field for the last 7 years.
He is the founder of The Real Man club, a community that helps men develop
their self confidence.

Hans Comyn taught philosophy at several Universities, and worked five years with French sociologist Bruno Latour on how to reassemble the social, bring people together and make things public. In 2008 Hans joined forces with Zan Perrion to articulate and evangelize the Ars Amorata message.
In Hans’ words: “I am a minimalist nomad, a gypsy raconteur. A Tardean sociologist and primal philosopher. A philanthropic mediator and facilitator of the encounter, creating space for both men and women to express themselves authentically into this world and make true connections. It is my calling to include concerned people into the conversation about the dynamics of men and women, about relationships, about the ‘thing’ called romance, about the art of living, and the art of loving… the Ars Amorata…”

Raluca Popescu is a freelance trainer for speed reading, and for living and communicating from the heart. She is licensed in communication and psychology. Since 2007 she has traveled the world working for a book publisher. Although she loved the traveling, she felt unfulfilled. After a few years she quit her job and became a trainer. Currently Raluca is creating a lifestyle based on her passions for communication, reading, tango dancing, writing, personal growth and healthy living. She believes that by living in the heart anyone can create fulfilling relationships on their life journey

Bonus – Panel Discussion

At the end of the day, we’ll also have a panel discussion where the speakers will gladly answer questions from the audience.

Please note that Zan Perrion won’t be available to participate in the panel discussion because he has to catch a flight that afternoon.

Attend Lifestyle Connect

Take advantage of this wonderful, one-of-a-kind opportunity to make new friends, to understand what it’s like to create and live a fulfilling lifestyle, and to release all doubt that it’s possible for you to do the same.

When you’re ready to upgrade your lifestyle, one of the best things you can do is to spend time face to face with real people who’ve already achieved similar goals. These people know what it’s like to be just starting out, to struggle with their doubts and fears, and to wonder if it’s really possible. They once stood where you stand right now, facing a very similar decision, feeling a little uncertain and confused about which steps to take. They eventually got past all of that. And so will you.

Treat yourself to this gift of growth. Invest this one Saturday in an experience that can shift your life down a positive and exciting new path. Go home feeling happy and inspired — with new friends to help support you. Know that you can create a lifestyle that you love. You don’t have to do it alone.

Why such short advance notice to announce this event? What’s the story behind Lifestyle Connect?

The truth is that this event came together very quickly, with the commitment to make it a reality occurring only 9 days before the actual event. Our apologies for the short advance notice, but given the circumstances, it was unavoidable — and at the same time, miraculous.

Steve Pavlina was giving a talk in Oslo, Norway on September 1st, and his friends Zan and Hans invited him to visit them in Bucharest afterwards. Steve had never been to Romania before (nor even to Eastern Europe). But he was feeling adventurous and so decided to accept the offer. He arrived in Bucharest on September 9th and immediately began accepting a whirlwind of social invites.

Shortly after Steve’s arrival, many Romanians expressed interest in seeing some kind of personal growth event happen while he was in town. Steve wasn’t originally planning to do an event here, but he was touched and inspired by all the interest he saw. Partly in response to this demand — and also because he really enjoyed Bucharest — Steve decided to extend his stay here and explore the possibility of doing a live event. But he needed help — a lot of help — to make this possible in such a short period of time.

Very quickly a talented and highly motivated team came together to make this a reality. They spent many hours brainstorming, exploring possibilities, and discussing options. And fortunately, they enjoyed tremendous synergy, and this event came together beautifully.

Their primary motivation — as everyone on that team would agree — was to create a very special, empowering, and social event that would uplift, inspire, and encourage people to transition to happier, more fulfilling, and more abundant lifestyles.

The result is Lifestyle Connect!

The fact that this event is happening at all is a beautiful demonstration of the power of living an inspired lifestyle. When a group of such people get together, anything is possible. You’ll definitely want to be there.

Workshop Details

397 RON online (approx. $120 USD or 90€)
497 RON at the door

September 28, 2013 (Saturday)

10:00am – 8:30pm
Registration starts at 9:00am

JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel
Calea 13 Septembrie 90
Bucureşti 050726, România

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